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You calm the storm in me winnermarthienel zong 22 min 4 sec
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The Ghost Beneath The Apple Tree Folk, acoustic guitar, Ghost story Donatedcola 1 1 hour 17 min
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link Lullaby for the Apocalypse #4 theycantallbegems, grownuplullabies, songsofcomfort SRHLmusic zong 1 hour 38 min
HelioSonorouS's picture
Mystic Journey HelioSonorouS zong 1 hour 47 min
HelioSonorouS's picture
Legend of the Forgotten Stars HelioSonorouS 1 1 hour 51 min
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Demo Leading Me Post-Rock, After Work, Stratocaster winnerCandle 1 1 hour 59 min
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Slumbering Poetry, lyrics-only, fantasy winnerChandra83 zong 2 hours 56 min
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Duty Poetry, lyrics-only, fantasy winnerChandra83 zong 3 hours 21 min
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Demo Chesapeake Bay In The Fall guitar, voice, collab Donatedwinnermetalfoot Saltyjohn 1 3 hours 59 min
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Demo Why I Love You acoustic and vocals Donatedwinnermetalfoot kahlo2013 1 4 hours 2 min
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Demo Better Luck Next Year songfight, songfight!, live Donatedwinnertcelliott 2 4 hours 14 min
msculli1's picture
Demo Help Me Please (electropop version) Fawmtronica Electronic Pop Donatedmsculli1 1 5 hours 57 min
Elesimo's picture
Placeholder song DonatedElesimo phylo zong 6 hours 15 min
cleanshoes's picture
Sheba Folk, indie, singer-songwriter cleanshoes JūS 5 6 hours 32 min
Kristi's picture
It Can't Hurt To Think of You Needs music, lyrics only DonatedKristi 2 6 hours 41 min
lowhum's picture
Demo To Coconuts And Limes jazz-hop, experimental, psychedelic lowhum 1 8 hours 41 min
unpronounceable's picture
I don't get it guitar, Ladyvox, simple unpronounceable 1 9 hours 8 min
Roddy's picture
Demo Life's short loss, piano DonatedwinnerRoddy DeannaSweidel 3 9 hours 59 min
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link You Make My Heart Beat Slower lovesong, Waltz JūS cleanshoes 3 10 hours 22 sec
Roddy's picture
Demo Life's short DonatedwinnerRoddy DeannaSweidel 1 10 hours 1 min
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link Submit Rock winnerrobertjames1971 1 10 hours 59 min
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link Calling Out Your Name Rock winnerrobertjames1971 1 11 hours 45 min
Marilisa's picture
Demo Liverpool Street Station acoustic one-take, guitar, week10 DonatedMarilisa 1 11 hours 53 min
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link Man in a Can male/female vocals, collab, surreadelica winnerTechnicolor Gra... Heid 1 12 hours 29 min
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Ego & The Milestones lyrics only, Not A Band Name, Lyrics At Work winnerCandle 1 12 hours 57 min
Candle's picture
Pandemicafication lyrics only, WearTheMask, Social Commentary winnerCandle 1 13 hours 2 min
Candle's picture
Dare you? lyrics only, Social Commentary, Lyrics At Work winnerCandle 1 13 hours 7 min
headfirstonly's picture
Demo It's All Gone Horribly Wrong pop, short, no chorus Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 2 13 hours 16 min
robertjames1971's picture
link How it Should Be 50s Rock and Roll winnerrobertjames1971 zong 13 hours 40 min
nerdjealous's picture
Possess the Final Cry drums, bass, guitar winnernerdjealous zong 14 hours 27 min
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link Keep It Simple acid, downtempo, electronic Melody 1 14 hours 57 min
billwhite51's picture
link Barricades guy with guitar, self deception winnerbillwhite51 4 15 hours 18 min
burrsettles's picture
video electro cryptogram synth, eurorack, modular burrsettles 1 15 hours 21 min
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Feeling Late September instrumental, piano solo, melancholy DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen 3 15 hours 23 min
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Whinge of Song virtual choir, and another one, free VSTs Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 2 15 hours 55 min
Marilisa's picture
Demo Not long now piano, sad DonatedMarilisa 2 16 hours 6 min
Marilisa's picture
Demo Dandelion ukulele, acoustic one-take, Week6 DonatedMarilisa 1 16 hours 16 min
Kate Y's picture
Wishing on A Candle Kate Y 1 16 hours 21 min
Donna Devine's picture
Ya Nikogda ne Zabudu (I'll Never Forget You) English-Russian hybrid, plaintive-love-song, for-fun DonatedDonna Devine 1 18 hours 13 min
plainwhitetoast's picture
video inundation instrumental, basement, improvisation winnerplainwhitetoast the... zong 18 hours 37 min
Michael Lockley's picture
Sleepless Pop rock Michael Lockley 1 21 hours 29 min
Robyn Mackenzie's picture
Better Luck Next Year songfight, Rock, pop-punk DonatedRobyn Mackenzie 7 1 day 16 min
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Demo Alone and Betrayed rock role-reversal betrayal loneliness DonatedAdnama17 tcelliott 2 1 day 1 hour
Adnama17's picture
Demo The Spirit of Fire acoustic rock fire change DonatedAdnama17 kahlo2013 2 1 day 2 hours
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Every song I sing Country, piano DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen crisp1 1 1 day 2 hours
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
link Non-Stop mrblitz, cyberrock, Non-Stop winnerPurple Catfish Bro 2 1 day 2 hours
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Their Mark Poetry, fantasy, horror winnerChandra83 1 1 day 2 hours
Chandra83's picture
While I Breathe Poetry, fantasy, horror winnerChandra83 1 1 day 2 hours
Sunfire's picture
One Hit Wonder ss092720Z, skirmish, super skirmish winnerSunfire 6 1 day 3 hours
robertjames1971's picture
link No Disguise Rock winnerrobertjames1971 1 1 day 4 hours