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yup got the segments for stitching on G, and yeah looks like we could use a few more, or we could just circle back around again if nobody else wants to play? I mean anything goes right? Biggrin I'm easy, I don't care one way or the other, just an idea

I mean, I guess I could join the Anything Goes corpse. I’m usually pretty straight forward, rock/pop/whatever, so I’ve been reluctant to join these more boundary-less corpses. But maybe it would be fun to shake things up and do something different. Ok, yeah, I’ve talked myself into it. I’ll add myself to the group.


My music hard-drive died on Wednesday and after a day of trying to restore stuff, the conclusion is that I've lost a week's worth of music (and work), including my corpse parts. I have to re-record everything Sad , but I'm away for the weekend. I'll do the lo-fi part on Monday since @kahlo2013 is in line. And hopefully get my ending part of the prog/experimental over to @headfirstonly a couple of days later.

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@Mt.Mélodie That always is a bummer! sorry to hear Good luck redoing stuff! Smile I personally hate it hahah even if it turns out way better than original ever dreamed of being Biggrin

Forgot to post here; I've finished my part of the Corpse and passed it on.

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I've got all the G segments, will probably be a day or two before I stitch them though so there's time if anyone else wants in

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@Mt.Mélodie oh no! That's not nice, to say the least.

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G done! http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/45177 if @nateger pops back up can always stick it somewhere Smile

Thanx for stitching, @dzd!

Getting close to burying all of our corpses. Corpse D and Corpse E are the only ones still outstanding and sounds like they should be getting wrapped up soon. It's been a great corpse season so far and looking forward to hearing the last two.

If anyone feels like they still have a corpse inside them waiting to claw its way to the surface, let me know. I wouldn't turn down another stroll through the graveyard.

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@ballyhoot I'd be up for another one as well

@dzd, well, if we can get 2 or 3 more to sign on, we'll give it a go. I don't mind going first and/or stitching again.

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@ballyhoot works for me Smile I keep thinking 50/90 is almost over.....still most of a month left, I should pay attention to the date more often hahah.

If you get another Experimental Corpse going then yes, count me in.
I'll even stitch if you want.

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Me too, I promise to not take so long this time Wink

OK, I think that's enough to start. If anyone else wants to join, we still have room. Just let me know and I'll tack you on the end.

1. @ballyhoot — DONE
2. @dzd — DONE
3. @Fuzzy - stitcher — DONE
4. @sph — DONE
5. @headfirstonly — DONE

FINISHED TRACK: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/45696.

Meh, doesn't matter to me!
It's fine as it is!

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Got your segment @ballyhoot great segment! I'll work on something tonight or in the morning.

Can I join in the fun for Corpse H, please?

The more the merrier, @headfirstonly!

OK, @ballyhoot done, @dzd done, so I guess that means it's my turn.....
I might have to get weird with this one (sorry, @sph!)

@headfirstonly, I’ve got you down for slot 5 for corpse H. Thanks!

Popping in to see if Group D (Progressive/Experimental) has been posted yet. Can’t wait to hear how it turned out.

The lo fi corpse seems to have stalled out...

Hey, @Mt.Mélodie, just checking in on how things are going. Did you get your computer situation straightened out?

My last ten seconds of the Group H Corpse has been sent on to @sph.
I'm not really happy with my part, but hey, time is short!

I hate to say it, but I'm thinking we're gonna need to skip over @Mt.Mélodie for the Lo-Fi Corpse.

@Fuzzy, I'm afraid you may be right, too. Time is running out to finish. Let's push forward. Having said that, @Mt.Mélodie, I hope everything is okay.

@headfirstonly, do you want to wrap up Group D with what you have so far, or do you need a 5th person to step in to provide a finishing track?

@kahlo2013, are you prepared to move up a slot for the Lo-Fi (Group E) corpse? If so, I can send you my last 10 seconds.

@ballyhoot I did hear from @Mt.Mélodie on my soundboard 9/4 that there were some technical challenges and was hoping to resume working on the track. However, I have not heard not since.

@ballyhoot I was thinking that earlier. If I haven't heard anything from @Mt.Mélodie by Monday, I'll add an ending to the piece and publish it.

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I did send my last seconds of H to @headfirstonly and the whole contribution to @Fuzzy.

No answer from @kahlo2013 so I don’t know if they’re still visiting this site. And still no word from @Mt.Mélodie. So @AndyGetch, do you have what you need to finalize the lo-fi corpse or does it need another track or something to tie it together at the end?

Corpse H finished off and all components Dropboxed for @Fuzzy.

OK, just stitching Corpse H together now!
It'll be posted later today or some time tomorrow!

Alright, folks, Corpse H is up and running!!
Great job, everybody!!

@ballyhoot today @kahlo2013 did post a couple of songs. I do have the other minute segments so I will go to working stitching tomorrow. I can easily add another segment or two if it they are submitted by @kahlo2013 or @Mt.Mélodie.

Prog / Experimental Corpse D is up and running: *45735


Hey, @headfirstonly, could you add http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/exquisite-corpse-corps as a collaborator for Corpse D? I'd like to have one place where people can find all the corpses. Thanks!!!

Happy to jump in - just send me the 10 sec!

@ballyhoot Done!

and the Group E Lo-Fi Corpse is stitched and posted http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/45831

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this a great Exquisite Corpse year!! Special thanks to all the stitchers as well. Great job everybody!

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A big Thank you for organizing. Without the corpses I might haven't done anything at all this year. I'm still working on expanding my contribution to EC-A into a complete song.